Architecture helps us learn about your preferences for shape and detail , and gives us great clues about your ideas of space and form, as well as the environments that appeal to you.


Art helps us learn more about the moods and personalities you prefer. This is key to understanding 'the real you' and ensuring it is reflected in your room design.


Other furniture references help us see some of the intricate detail you like. There are usually common elements between furniture and architecture.


This includes fabrics, wall papers, colours and woods and gives us a sense of the overall look you want to achieve.


Photos of lighting arrangements that appeal to you help us identify your mood preferences, and enable us to advise you on how light can be used . They also give us a good clue as to how daring you might be!

A showroom is limited by the space available. We don’t have a showroom. Instead, we focus on you, working with you to create your inspirational kitchen. 

We’ll encourage you to collect images that appeal to you and reflect a range of influences. This helps us understand your personal style and tastes. Above are some suggestions of what to collect.

We simplify kitchen design, by working closely with you throughout the process to deliver the end result you want at a price you are comfortable with.  Our aim is to eliminate confusion, and we are committed to giving you complete peace of mind, enabling you to enjoy the process of creating a unique kitchen you will enjoy for years to come. 

Time spent during the design stage is very important, as it allows us to gather the information we need to translate your tastes and ideas  in to your perfect kitchen, bedroom or home study.